1. Organize, Colorize & Categorize your
    closet, clothes & accessories with POSH.

  2. Wear and work your CORE Essentials; POSH will
    help you create your CORE.

  3. Your colors, your way - Enhance the CORE.
    Wear only your "signature" colors.

  4. Statement Accessories - Less is more.
    Remember--A statement accessory adds POP!

  5. A proper fit is a must! If you feel uncomfortable,
    you will look uncomfortable.

  6. Know and embrace your body type. Only
    wear the best hem lines & neck lines for your body type.

  7. Anchor your look with the correct shoe for your
    style & comfort. When in doubt, nude or black is best.

  8. Lips and eyes always - Color and definition
    "every day simple". Don't leave home without it.

  9. Top it off! - A great hat or scarf accents & adds a
    polished finish to your look.

  10. Show skin strategically. Pick your best feature
    and show it off!