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POSH Client Reviews

"I’ve been POSH’d!  Here’s the recipe I followed:
  • Take one woman who felt her style needed refreshing, but didn’t know where to start
  • Add a closet full of clothing and accessories that weren’t all working
  • Toss in a little excitement and a little fear
  • Add one human dynamo with the energy, experience, and expertise in helping people look and feel their best (Barb!)
  • Mix together for several hours
The result? You emerge POSH’d!

Barb Hovsepian of Au Courant | The Den | POSH really knows her stuff. Highly knowledgeable about fit, function, and fashion, Barb has a gift for helping each person see the best in themselves, and then draws that out. She understands the “issues” you might feel you have and is strategic in identifying solutions that make you wonder what you were worried about in the first place.

This isn’t just theoretical or “woo-woo” fluff either. When Barb does “closet work” she helps you identify keepers and creepers, and helps you “shop your closet”, styling new looks based on what you already have. Missing pieces and accessories? No worries! You’ll get a written list of exactly what you need, and a visual reference for best looks and lines.

I could go on all day about what a gift Barb is. Don’t take my word for it – invest in discovering your very best self through Barb’s POSH services!"
-Laura B., Kirkland
"I love my wardrobe for the first time in my life.  Barb did exactly what she promised and paid attention to even the smallest details.  Barb helped me put it all together in a way I never seemed to be able to do.  She saved me money in the long run--no more buying outfits that I didn't like after 2-3 wearings.  I now have a style that is a classier, more put-together version of me."
-Julie B., Bothell
"Barb was wonderful--she understood my style after only talking for a short time. We accomplished so much more than I thought possible in our time together."
-Leslie H., Kirkland
"Barb was there for me quickly and efficiently at a time in my life when everything was difficult and changing.  Barb created a new wardrobe and stylized outfits for me that were perfect for my new professional and personal lifestyles.  I appreciate her ability to make me look great and feel confident.  Thank you Barb!"
-June M., Mercer Island

  “I thought Janet did a wonderful job helping me plan for a cruise.
I would recommend her to anyone.”
-Gail L., Mercer Island
“I now love going into my closet to get dressed - Thanks Barb!”
-Marianne P., Mercer Island
“Barb, This has been a great experience. It's been fun with lots of laughs, what more could you ask for, learning and laughing at the same time. Thank-You!”
-Laura, Mercer Island
“I LOVED my experience with Barb! She is extraordinary!”
-Beth B., Mercer Island

POSH Event Reviews

"Barb made our event fun, informative and a nice escape from the ordinary work week.  She is such a dynamic and stylish person herself that she is the true expert on how to truly shine at your very best."
-Julie B., Mercer Island